Sustained Theatre

Sustained Theatre is a movement working to create a new inclusive landscape for British Culture to flourish regionally, nationally and internationally.

We want to keep issues relating to Black, Asian, and minority ethnic theatre artists and practitioners alive and in the national debate. To do this, we need you. We want your voices, presenting us with new challenges in order to permanently establish our collective aspirations and standing in the arts.

We are aiming to sustain an environment of progressive thinking and action that will redress the balance and shake up the national arts landscape. By providing a platform for creativity and presentation through critical debate, through saving and restoring our national archives, through developing leadership and cultivating international links, we hope to level the playing field for a sustainable future.

Regional Hubs of Sustained Theatre:
STUN (Sustained Theatre Up North)
Space2Develop (Sustained Theatre in the West Midlands)
STAY (Sustained Theatre Artists Yorkshire)
ART:sync (Sustained Theatre in the South East)